From 11.11.2018 only gaming machines that comply with the requirements of the new Gaming Ordinance [Spielverordnung] and the associated Technical Guideline (TR) 5.0 can be operated.

This Gaming Ordinance will lead to several changes. Here you can find out all the important information.

This changes for you:

Inserting money

A maximum of € 10.00 can be paid into the credit metre.

If for example € 20.00 is paid in, € 10.00 will be transferred to the credit metre and the remaining € 10.00 will be paid out again.

Play button

According to the legislator the money must no longer be used automatically.

The new “BET” button has been introduced precisely for this reason.
This triggers the pay-out onto the mini reel.


In the lower area of the screen you will find the new mini-reel. This converts the stake (red) and books the value (yellow) to the bank.

The stake value and the value played do not always have to be identical. (+/- 10).

Breaks from playing

Here you can find out all about the break from playing after 60 minutes, which you are already familiar with, as well as the new time-out break after 180 minutes of gaming.

Before the time-out break all the counter readings have to be set to 0. The 3 automatic stages will ensure that you do not lose anything when the counter readings are high.

Maximum winnings/loss

In accordance with TR 5.0 the maximum loss on gaming machines must not exceed € 60.00 per hour (previously € 80.00).

The maximum permissible winnings per hour are € 400.00 (previously € 500.00).
If one of these limits is reached, for a certain time no pay-out can take place between the coin hopper and the bank or vice versa.

Activation of machines

If you want to play on a Merkur TR 5.0 Version 1 machine, no activation of the machine is necessary. However, for machines of the TR 5.0 Version 2 model a machine-specific, non-person specific means of identification is prescribed (pin code, card or barcode).

If you want to play on a machine of this type, please approach the service personnel.